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Terms of Service

This terms and conditions and any future amendments constitutes a legally binding obligation toward both “User” and also can referred as the “Customer” or “Buyer” individually or an agent on behalf of commercial company or person and “S&H Installment” and can also referred as the “Website”, “Market” and “App” and this term of use shall treated as agreement.

Which “S&H Installment” provide website features and installments services to variety of electronic devices at and the S&H mobile app and by using those methods and any other services under “S&H Installment” you and any one uses this service on behalf of you whatever in-cash or installment agree to the term of use.

And in such event that the “User” applied for installment service he will be invited to review and sign the contract on delivery.


  1. 1.1 In order to apply for installment services, the customer is obligate to create an account and such account has specific requirements and supported document to be attached as follow:
  2. An individual or licensee company “Bahraini”
  3. Must have full legal capacity as an individual or a company as is stipulated under article (3) of this agreement,
  4. For individuals: must have a valid CPR, Passport and drive license or valid commercial registration number.
  5. For commercial companies: valid commercial registration
  6. For financial liability as individual: must attached the last month slip salary for public sector employee and Social Insurance Organization certificated for the private sector employee.
  7. Financial Liability as company: provide any necessary documents to the website during registration process to prove your financial liability, or any debt guarantees you are ready to provide beside to the last three-month bank statement.
  8. Finally, any additional document requested by the website before and after registration.

Registration and Installment approval.

Once the user completes the registration and installment process, S&H has full the platform has fully right to reject your installment request in case that your application didn’t meet the requirements or for any reasonable reason seen by S&H.

Also, S&H has fully right to cancel your installment request before the product delivered and sign such contract and you have no right to appeal this decision and without any compensation and S&H will refund your down-payment within 2 Business day.

User capacity

3.1 The user acknowledge that he has full legal capacity to enter into this agreement and meet the following requirement:
  1. He has full capacity and authority to accept these clauses and enter into the agreement.
  2. He has full power and authority to carry out the actions contemplated under the agreement,
  3. He will perform his obligations under this agreement exercising all reasonable care and skill.
Meanwhile, to be accepted as company, any such company shall meet the following requirements:
  1. Have a valid company registration from form ministry of commerce or from any recognized authority in case the company were a foreign.
  2. Have active and a permanent place of business.
3.3 Also, the user is obligate to notify S&H if there are any changes to his financial status or losing his capacity immediately.


4.1) The user acknowledge that all of his information during the registration process is correct and to be updated promptly to ensure that his information remains correct in any such case which the all of his information will be said by S&H and others must comply with the legal requirement, and acknowledge to allow the S&H to pass such information to other companies and local authorities to check and ensure legal compliance.


5.1) This agreement will be terminated automatically once the user or the S&H canceled his account for any reason, and such termination must not affect the all parties’ obligations and have full right for any claim and all other clauses shall be remind enforceable toward others and the S&H.


6.1 S&H as the fully right to make any change to its terms and polices at any time and if any of these terms and clauses shall be deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that clause shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining clauses.


In event of any complain or misleading or tech issues the user may write an email to or calling us through the phone number 13379966 and the S&H shall replay as soon as possible.


  1. The users are obligated to pay their taxes including the VAT that applicable in Kingdom of Bahrain in event of installment contract or cash on delivery for buying such product.
  2. Also, any other taxes and fees imposed by any public or governmental authority in relation to this agreement and each party bears its own tax liability, if any.


  1. This agreement, and any dispute arising out of this agreement, must be governed by the laws of Kingdom of Bahrain
  2. Also, each party hereby irrevocably consents that If a dispute arises between the two parties over this agreement, its implementation, or its interpretation, Bahraini courts are competent to solve the dispute.